Maa seest välja_Out of the ground

On Tuesday, 1st of November at 18:00, Anna Maquet' personal exhibition "Out of the ground" will be opened in Jakobi galerii. The exhibition will stay open until the 25th of November.

In this exhibition, Anna Maquet presents us with the reflection of intimate questions about her condition as a woman, and as a human being in general, in today's society. Often, she feels closer to a plant than to a woman of her time.

The colourful and eclectic paintings that make up the exhibition reflect these questions. It is a search for form to express this feeling of being strange and misfit. The “Out of the ground” exhibition aims to be a message of acceptance of the subtle and strange being that we are.

Je suis un être complexe (140X90cm, diptyque, oil, acrylique)

"Maa seest välja, jookseb ta. Tuleb endast välja ja avastab või taasavastab ennast. Kummaline!

Ta ei tunne ennast enam ära. See pole see, mida ta endast arvas. Kuidas sellega peale hakata? Kuidas aktsepteerida ennast sellisena, nagu ta on? Kuidas ennast uuesti leiutada? Ta on sündinud maa pealt. Ta on muda, juur, mõnikord kleepuv, mõnikord rabe. Ta on sündimas, ta on tuul, aur ja higi. Elu ja ilu. Ta on.”


“Coming out of the ground, she runs. She comes out of herself and discovers or rediscovers herself. Odd!

She no longer recognizes herself. It's not what she thought of herself. How to do with that? How to accept herself as she is? How to reinvent herself? She is born from the earth. She is mud, root, sometimes sticky, sometimes brittle. She is nascent, she is wind, steam and sweat. Life and beauty. She is."

Femme Racine (70X90cm, oil, acrylique)