Art as a liberative act_ Performance / exhibition with Artišokk Sistas collective at Pallas gallery, Tartu (27.11 - 18.12.2021).

In my cave, performance in the basement of Pallas gallery

In my cave...

Creative experience on the 22th at Pallas gallery.


What trouble! What an experience! Nothing I was expecting…


I didn’t expect to meet my deepest fears but I did strongly…

Yes…! The camera and spotlight paralysed me. The look of the others, the fear of doing anything interesting, or being not interesting, got me… It has been a difficult moment feeling vulnerable, naked in front of the camera. I have been losing myself, not being able to be in contact with my true self…

I wrote, drew lines… I filled the emptiness of the black walls around me with the chalk. The chalk is dry. I was not used to this medium. I pressed on to get out as much as possible my emotions to let it go. But the thoughts stayed! I was in my cave,  in a box full of limiting thoughts… I got conscious about what is happening when I am scared. I have the impression of being a little child lost in the dark that desperately is looking for her light. I started to “fake it” frontside of the camera and the spotlight, frontside of others. The “shoulds” were shooting! “I should manage to relax myself,  I should let it go... “ At that point, I wrote more and more, changed clothes, jumped and danced… But the pressure to be successful frontside of the camera,  to manage to feel free continued to grow and eat my soul... What a contradiction! What pain!


At one point, I got out of my cave and joined the rest of the group. Still under the choc of the experience, I could not share what I had on my heart. What pain! What a mistake! With this letter, I can finally share my pain and troubles. I let go of my happy mask and show my vulnerabilities. I feel already grateful and compassionate towards myself and this experience. Also, with hindsight, I understand that I have put colors in the dark cave of my fears, I have added some light where there was none before. This is the magic of the liberating experience of art. Soon, I will go there again to add even more light and colours and deeply heal myself. 

Art as a liberative act

Anna Maquet, Kristiine Eliise Kadakas, Mari Viiard, Rea Sepping.


Starting Saturday November 27 at 11 a.m, a joint exhibition “Art as a liberating experience. Anna Maquet, Kristiine Eliise Kadakas, Mari Viiard, Rea Sepping ”.


The exhibition is inspired by the therapeutic effects of creating art and opens up the inner world of four women to the visitor through their spontaneous works.

This work is centered on the creative process as an opportunity to heal oneself, expressing thoughts, emotions  and feelings in the moment. Emphasis is on the process, which becomes a ritual for making contact with one's inner world. The resultant work can be unexpected, a further reflection for self-discovery.

The authors of the exhibition are ‘Artišokk Sistas’; four women brought together by shared interest in using creation/creativity for therapeutic purposes. They paint, dance, create and discover together. 

With interest and curiosity, we have been coming  together for 18 months, testing different creative methods in our meetings to share everyday problems, successes and related emotions with each other and ourselves. Together we have experienced the joy of creation and discovery through many artistic experiments and practices. We now feel that it is time to create a space to share these practices with others. It is our hope that this event will encourage visitors to discover the manifestations of their own inner worlds, dive into color, create therapeutic individual and collective paintings, dance freely and reflect on feelings and emotions experienced throughout these practices. 


We want to bring a personal, soul-opening therapeutic art experience to a wider audience.


‘Art as a liberating act’ invites visitors to explore the caves of both the author’s and their own inner worlds, where expression has no boundaries or expectations. ‘We believe that by pushing the boundaries of the word "artist", we can bring back the creative force into every person's body, into their hands.’